Am I Selfish for Stopping Too Soon?

I have been contemplating posting this picture only for the reason of offending some but as I prepare to stop nursing my daughter due to upcoming life events I wanted to show how beautiful this experience has been.

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How a Mom Showers…

It is five in the morning, I’ve already pumped a bottle and now I am trying to get a shower real quick before the baby wakes up. How long do I have? Five minutes? Ten? Possibly even twenty? If twenty, should I attempt to shave my legs? I check the baby monitor one last time before I step into the hot water. The countdown begins. Continue reading

The day I became a Mama…

Sunday 08-28-16 @ 3:00 am.. I get up for the 15th time to pee (you mamas feel me) and I almost get there before I peed on myself a little.. Odd, I thought, but I dismissed it.. I continue to go about my business until it feels like there’s more going on down there.

I go and I wake up my husband to inform him that I “think” my water is breaking. He looks up at me still half asleep, “What do you mean you think your water is breaking? How about you lay down and see if it happens again.” Now ladies before we start attacking my husband let’s keep in mind that he was half asleep and thinking that your water is breaking isn’t very common. STILL, what a jerk!

Upon laying back down and racing through the scenarios, I came to the conclusion that he was right and I probably just peed myself. When you see it happen on the movies, it’s like a gallon of water hits the floor with a SPLASH, so I just shrugged off the possibility.

An hour later, I get up..again to pee.. This time when I sat down, it was go time.. I definitely felt it. I was in shock but yet calm as I got myself cleaned and dressed, then decided to wake sleeping beauty. Continue reading