Our Story

“Hey, you must be related to Jericho”-the first words sent to me from my now husband. You could say it was love at first IM as our epic love story began with a simple Facebook message.

My family used to live in a small town outside of Louisville called Shepherdsville, Ky. My brother, who is two years older than me and the same age as Jason, went to the same school as Jason. They were in a lot of the same classes and happened to play on the same little league baseball teams growing up. Our families had a lot of interaction but I was so young that I just remember playing with his sister Kylee (who later became my Maid of Honor) at the baseball games. Well, before my 6th grade and my brother’s 8th grade years, we moved to Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Fast forward five years..

Before my brother started  college, Jason had found him on Facebook. They had messaged back and forth until the topic of college came up. Jason had asked Jericho where he planed on attending college and Jericho replied that he planed to stay home and attend Campbellsville University. Jason then replied that he would be going away from home and too attending Campbellsville University.

He then added me, Jericho’s Little Sister. He didn’t know that I was such a catch. LOL.

After that first Facebook message in Fall 2009, we talked almost every night until December 8th, 2009 when we had our first date at a TCHS rivalry basketball game. Following the game, we went to the local park for Christmas lights (still go every year to this day). The years after, I stayed home for college (CU graduating class of ’15, represent), we adopted a dog, got engaged at the same park during Christmas ’12, and the rest is history.We know have been married since May 30th, 2015 and welcomed our first baby on August 28, 2016.

He jokes that we wouldn’t have been together if my family hadn’t moved away, but I joke that he was drawn to me in Campbellsville. All that matters is that I was glad to meet the love of my life so young because that’s even longer that I get to spend with my best friend.



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