The day I became a Mama…

Sunday 08-28-16 @ 3:00 am.. I get up for the 15th time to pee (you mamas feel me) and I almost get there before I peed on myself a little.. Odd, I thought, but I dismissed it.. I continue to go about my business until it feels like there’s more going on down there.

I go and I wake up my husband to inform him that I “think” my water is breaking. He looks up at me still half asleep, “What do you mean you think your water is breaking? How about you lay down and see if it happens again.” Now ladies before we start attacking my husband let’s keep in mind that he was half asleep and thinking that your water is breaking isn’t very common. STILL, what a jerk!

Upon laying back down and racing through the scenarios, I came to the conclusion that he was right and I probably just peed myself. When you see it happen on the movies, it’s like a gallon of water hits the floor with a SPLASH, so I just shrugged off the possibility.

An hour later, I get up..again to pee.. This time when I sat down, it was go time.. I definitely felt it. I was in shock but yet calm as I got myself cleaned and dressed, then decided to wake sleeping beauty. blog-5

5:25 am.. When the L&D nurse informed me that my water indeed broke, I was 3.5 cm dilated, and I would be having my baby sometime soon.

Once it was confirmed that I would be staying, it was time for the dreaded IV… bum..bum..buuuum. Never in my life have I needed an IV, so this was the part I was most nervous about. I took it like a champ even though I was stuck FOUR TIMES before the two nurses succeeded.

I waited in the ER for about two hours before I got my room back in the delivery suite. Within those two hours, not one single contraction. My water had broken, I assumed it was go time. Bring on the pain.. After two hours, the doctor decided she was going to start my contractions using the drug Pitocin because labor wasn’t progressing and I had only dilated another half centimeter. Pitocin, commonly known as Oxytocin, is a naturally occurring hormone found in the pituitary gland that is a uterine stimulant (no citing needed other than my husband’s PA brain). The induction began around 8:30 am and at about 9:00 am, the drug kicked in. Boy, does it hit you hard. I was going from no contractions at all to strong ones about two minutes apart.

Bumping the dose up every 15-30 minutes really got things moving.

Let me mention that I was going to attempt to go through delivery natural. I really wanted to be strong and feel the whole process. Throughout my pregnancy no one mentioned to me that once your water broke you had to stay in the bed. When I was informed of this at the hospital, I was crushed. They wouldn’t even let me go to the restroom by myself, let alone get up to walk and dance through the contractions. So when I realized I had to stay in bed, no moving around what-so-ever, I welcomed the heavenly savior.. In this case, I’m referring to the epidural.

Around 10:30 am I let my nurse know that I would like the epidural. She came back with the news that I am now on the list. EXCUSE ME? The list? Now that I was alright with accepting the medicine, I wanted it quick. I didn’t raise a fuss, that’s not me. Quite the opposite, really. I apologized approximately fifty times during delivery for absolutely nothing at all. I was just nervous and didn’t want to be an inconvenience. No one warns you about the nerves, shaking, and the nausea.  Before leaving the room, she checked me again. Still only 4.5 cm dilated. This girl did not want to come out.

The contractions got closer together and stronger. So close that I barely had time to relax in between but  breathing is important and moaning helps. You may sound like a moron, but let me tell you, moaning kept me from screaming. Plus the noise helped hide the pain and also was a tad calming.

Finally in walks the CRNA two hours later. An angel in a white jacket and blue scrub cap.  She and the nurse then directed me to bend over, hold a pillow, and not to move (which is extremely hard to do when having a contraction). After they rolled me back, the nurse checked me again. Within two hours I had gone from 4.5 cm to 8.5 cm. The nurse was shocked. The CRNA waited in the room until I started to feel some relief.. We waited.. and waited.. and waited.. I nodded that I felt some relief and she said good, it will get better with time. So she left.. Thirty minutes later, I was still feeling the crazy strong contractions. The CRNA popped in and said she will be back but has another patient. Forty-five minutes go by until she returns. She changes my medicine, gives me a stronger dose and finally relief. The nurse checked me again, I had progressed to 9.5 cm but Jovie was still high not wanting to move down.

At this point, I was exhausted. I had made it to practically 9.5 cm without any pain relief. I could have slept for days, but it was only around 2:30 pm and there was a baby to be born. The nurse let me rest before coming in an hour later to check Jovie’s position; she still did not want to progress further down. It was now time for the peanut. It looked like two exercise balls put together. It was placed in between my legs while I lay on my side in order to get the baby to come down into the canal more. I did thirty minutes on one side, thirty minutes on the other and then it was go time.

At around 4:45 pm, the nurse asked me to do some practice pushing. After one ten second push, the nurse asked me to stop. She then said something that made my heart race. She said, “I’m going to need you to wait right there while I go get the doctor because I do not want to deliver your baby.” The nerves and shakes immediately increased. Holy crap! This was happening.

Everyone starts rolling in carts, putting their gowns on, pulling lights around, dismantling the bed, and setting up for the birth of my baby. As this happened, I worked my nerves up so much that I had to throw up. After throwing up in a room ful of people, I handed that emesis bag to my sister-in-law and said, “Let’s do this thing”. Three pushes later, my Jovie girl was born.

 Jovie Lea Creason

August 28th, 2016

7 lbs 11 oz

19 inches

I was overwhelmed with joy that I can’t even begin to describe to you. To see the baby that I had carried within me this whole time finally in my arms, I crumbled under the amount of love that hit me. One of the best sites was to see my husband react to seeing his baby girl. In one day, my life had a brand new meaning, to be the mother of a beautiful baby girl. blog-1

Two short days later, we headed home to begin our lives as a family of three.


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