Ever wonder what it would be like to start your own blog? Really? Me too! Let’s see how this thing goes.

I am just an ordinary Kentucky girl living an ordinary life with an extraordinary family – which happens to me { e v e r y t h i n g } to me. Although I am brand spanking new to this job of motherhood, I feel as though it is the best job yet. A close second would be a Disney Princess,  but who has time for that.. all the beautiful singing, plot twists, and perfect hair. SHEW! I’m just fine with flat ABC’s and Itsy Bitsy Spiders, 8:30 bedtime every night, and messy hair with this occasional matted clump of spit up.

  • The name: Kelsea Creason
  • The game: Keep family alive
  • The location: Louisville, Ky (to fit in, please pronounce “Luh-vul”)
  • The outcome: *sappy answer in 3..2..1..* to create something that my sweet Jovie Lea can read when she gets older to see how I tried my best to create a wonderful, perfect life for her.

Now it is time to meet this family I so fondly speak of…


Mr. Baby Daddy

I know what you’re thinking.. THAT DRESS!!! Forever wishing that everyday was my wedding day. Ok, now to the real eye candy. How handsome is my husband? His name is Jason and he is my best friend. You will never meet anyone more kind, passionate, caring, hilarious, and headstrong man in your life. Read more about our story here.

Now for the starring player in this crazy life.. *flashing lights and “Y’all ready for this” playing” Miss Jovie Lea Creason, everyone!

Born Aug 28th, 2016 at 4:59 pm, 7 lbs 11 oz, 19 inches, with a full head of hair. This little girl as changed my life so much as well as the way I see it. I want nothing but the best for this girl. If you are an expecting mother or just curious about the delivery, you can read about it here.

Now that roll call is finished… Let’s do this thing.